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You Find Treasure Welcome Video

You Find Treasure Welcome Video

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How Does It Work?

You Find Treasure is a real, live, interactive treasure hunt. It is completely free to do. No sign up, no credit card. It really is free!

We have actually gone out and buried treasures. Each treasure contains a $100.00 bill in a waterproof case. 

Your adventure of finding hundreds or thousands of dollars is waiting!

It's as simple as this:

Step 1: Watch the welcome video that is posted above. This will give you a general overview of who we are, and how it all works. 

Step 2: Watch the clue video associated with any active treasure. Start putting together all the clues to reveal the treasure location. 

Step 3: Go out and find the treasure and dig it up!

Step 4: Declare the treasure when you find it. Simply go to our website and send us a message via the Chat option. The Chat window is in the lower right hand corner of all our website pages. 

When you declare a found treasure. We will verify it with the codes on the bill. Once it is verified, we will send you another $50.00 bucks!!

Step 5: Repeat the process...

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Check out our one of a kind NFT's. Each buried treasure has a singular NFT associated with it. Click below to view on Opensea.  

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